Innocence Waxing Part 1Expected Release: 18 June 2024


Seven years in the making, Innocence Waxing Part 1 should be released on Amazon on 18 June 2024.

The Spanish version of Bull Shark Part 1, TIBURÓN TORO PARTE 1 is now available for purchase on Amazon.

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Innocence Waning Omni

Released in 2023, 629 Pages
This edition supersedes Innocence Waning Part 1 and Innocence Waning Part 2

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The omnibus edition of Innocence Waning is a work of literary fiction that tells the story of sixteen-year-old Chezdon Morrison who desperately wants to lose his virginity.

During Chezdon’s story, he discovers actions do have unintended consequences. Material wealth indeed has limits in terms of providing the enjoyment of life and some stimuli impact his choice of partners that dictate that words do matter. Besides his peers, dysfunctional adults play a part in his development as he abuses both alcohol and illicit drugs.

In the course of Chezdon maturing quickly, he experiences both physical and psychological torment that most everyone can identify with in some form. The invested reader will be treated to complex characters whose lives intertwine with those of the adults, sometimes with grave consequences.

Chezdon ultimately must navigate a perfect storm of romance, sex, jealousy, drugs, abuse, and confusion with seemingly no way to break free. The Gordian knot that bound his once-perfect life completely unravels as his relationships with friends and family disintegrate as long-hidden secrets are revealed. His addictive personality combined with questionable choices sends Chezdon down a rabbit hole that he may not be able to escape from as the world reacts to the choices that he makes.

Bull Shark Part 1

Released in 2021 + 2024, 331 Pages

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What should be a relaxed, romantic, and recuperative weekend away for Chezdon and Louis in Scotland proves that a stable and happy couple can be torn apart by a chance encounter with a boy wearing a pink hat. From Scotland, England, France, Spain, Italy, and back, love dramatically ends and then is renewed on a road trip across Europe as the three boys hope to find themselves, only after losing themselves.

Chezdon Mitchell’s novel BULL SHARK is about gay relationships in the digital age, with a shocking narrative and dark humour. Reminiscent of what was discovered in his first book, INNOCENCE WANING, Mitchell thrusts the reader into a holiday from hell that transcends anything that Brexit can ever achieve; sweet wonderful chaos and pure bliss. Colourful characters prove that being gay isn’t just about coming out of the closet and simply existing, but living in the moment.

Bull Shark Part 2

Released in 2024, 491 pages

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Emerging from the chaos in France, Chezdon embarks on the daunting task of rebuilding his life, unravelling the circumstances that prompted his departure from Melbourne. Along the winding road trip, he encounters the mysterious Lucas in Basque Country. Lucas emerges as the linchpin, the only one capable of orchestrating a frenetic and bittersweet conclusion to BULL SHARK PART 2, uniting disparate threads into a compelling climax.

Chezdon Mitchell’s fourth novel,
BULL SHARK PART 2, explores the nuances of art, history, cancel culture, and identity in the digital age. Mitchell continues where the European road trip left off with a shocking narrative and dark humour, delivering even more surprising twists and turns. Colourful characters prove that being gay isn’t just about coming out of the closet and existing but living in the moment.

Beware of BULL SHARK.